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The following webcasts are accredited for 3 months from their date of broadcast. You can gain CME credits after watching the whole video and completing a short evaluation form.

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Emergencies in epilepsy management - SUDEP and status epilepticus (1st July 2021)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Professor Reetta Kälviäinen, Professor James Chamberlain, Professor Jane Hanna

Duration: 1 hour 32 mins


You can access previous on demand webcasts below. Please note CME credits cannot be gained from watching these.

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Epilepsy and COVID-19: overcoming the challenges
(15th July 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Professor Helen Cross, Professor John Paul Leach, Professor Bettina Schmitz

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

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Epilepsy in the elderly: tracing the origins, treating the disease
(16th September 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan (Chair), Professor Martin Brodie, Professor Ley Sander, Dr Günter Krämer

Duration: 1 hour 25 mins

Epilepsy EEGs

Managing epilepsy in a virtual world: do we really need EEGs?
(29th September 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Dr Tejal Mitchell, Professor Robert Fisher, Professor Eugen Trinka

Duration: 1 hour 29 mins

Epilepsy Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy, birth and beyond: managing women with epilepsy who are planning to have a child
(28th October 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Kim Morley, Professor Torbjörn Tomson, Professor Shakila Thangaratinam

Duration: 1 hour 29 mins

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Anti-epileptics: starting, monitoring and stopping
(16th December 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Professor Michael Sperling, Dr Vicente Villanueva

Duration: 1 hour 17 mins

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Epilepsy: when the medications aren’t working
(27th January 2021)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Mr Andrew McEvoy, Professor Selim Benbadis, Dr Anita Devlin

Duration: 59 mins

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Innovations in epilepsy: Improving diagnosis & management (23rd February 2020)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Professor Troels Kjaer, Professor Orrin Devinsky, Professor Rohit Shankar

Duration: 1 hour 29 mins

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Telemedicine for epilepsy management
(24th March 2021)

Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Professor Trish Greenhalgh, Professor Roberto Caraballo, Professor Najib Kissani

Duration: 1 hour 31 mins